3 men under probe over misdeclared cargo containing P30M in cash


3 men under probe over misdeclared cargo containing P30M in cash

The Philippine Coast Guard is investigating three men claiming to be bank employees who tried to transport from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu around P30 million in cash stashed in boxes which they misdeclared as containing mere documents.

PCG spokesperson Commander Armand Balilo said the employees were accosted as they were about to leave the port of Cagayan de Oro en route to Cebu.

“They were not arrested. They were asked why they didn’t coordinate that they were bringing money, where it came from for purposes of questioning and further investigation,” he said.

The men who introduced themselves as bank employees were accosted on Sunday afternoon. The PCG is still verifying their claims.

The P30 million was placed inside four styrofoam boxes which they initially declared as containing documents.

“They initially claimed it was mere documents, but when it was discovered that it was money, they were made to undergo tactical interrogation,” Balilo said.

He said they were still checking the men’s claims that they are indeed bank employees.

“We just want to be really sure that the money will not be used for illegal activities. If they didn’t do anything wrong then they will be released,” he said.

“We are conducting an investigation and validating their action, even the company involved. The thing is we are careful in handling in these kinds of situations,” Balilo added.