After ‘Yolanda,’ blind singer hangs on to hope to be reunited with family


After ‘Yolanda,’ blind singer hangs on to hope to be reunited with family

ILOILO CITY – A visually impaired artist who was among the survivors of supertyphoon Yolanda in Tacloban is asking that one day he will be brought together with his family.

Three years prior, Anthony Gabriel was still with his family in Tacloban City. Yet, when Yolanda undermined the city, rescuers went to their home and prompted them to clear. In any case, his mom and kin picked to remain behind. Anthony, with her mom’s recommendation, left with the rescuers and remained at a departure focus.

Gabriel never got notification from his family again.

Long after the tempest, Gabriel played his guitar and sang in the avenues keeping in mind the end goal to sustain himself.

A year ago, a companion welcomed him to join her on a trek to Boracay, Aklan. He was informed that she would give him cash. Yet, when they achieved the town of Dumangas in Iloilo, Gabriel was surrendered by his companion.

In the long run, he was swung over to the Crisis Intervention Unit of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Iloilo City. He is still as of now living in the inside.

Regardless of the possibility that the middle deals with him, Gabriel still yearns to be back in Tacloban and discover his family.

Singing and playing the guitar help him facilitate his aching, as he is helped to remember his dad who showed him how to play the instrument.

He additionally said that he got visually impaired when he was as yet an infant.

The DSWD in Iloilo City has spoken with its partner in Tacloban. They are as yet sitting tight for criticism from Tacloban on the off chance that they could find Gabriel’s family.

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