Changing the Way We See Beauty


Changing the Way We See Beauty

I look into the mirror of labels and it reflects what others think I am and what I wish I were. I stare and stare hoping that deep down my reflection might reveal who I really am.

But I get so overwhelmed with all those labels that flash by, my search ends futilely. One of the hardest things to do is nurture one’s self-esteem with the confidence to know one’s true self.

The Phi Theta Kappa members in the Alpha Xi Beta chapter located in Las Vegas decided to confront their own mirrors. They created a video that sums what they discovered about themselves and society.

With more and more teens affected by what they see in their social media platforms, negative body image and even suicidal thoughts linger in their minds when they fail to uncover their self value.

However, the Alpha Xi Beta chapter found that we are all capable of finding ourselves by discovering the inner beauty in others.

Reflecting the beauty we want to see in others and ourselves is what we should be striving for everyday.

Check out their video; it could just change what you see next time you look into the mirror.

Article written by: Sara Gallego